Friday, May 8, 2015

Road trippin

Tocamul via newell hwy grong grong to junee cootamundra ....
Morning crap bike wont start , so we push it 30 mtrs up steep incline to get to road still kickn , we have rope ! Lets tie n tow ! Fuck me we got bike goin but not b4 nearly crashin , 200 mtrs up road genorater wants to fall off ! Road past a bus full of nuns , rizzos reg bracket snapped n with Benji Purns cable tys saved the as we wre comin into cootamundra tool bag snaps n splatters tools all over the , time for a beer Marky Rizz
Troy White wre still on our way bro !
Ruiners on the road to ruin ....

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