Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rizz n Kev on the road

Day 3 
After finally arriving in katoomba to a wicked welcome by Troy White n megs many beers were had , mthis morning rizzo troy n me started the job of playing with our shovels to sort out the problems , which took most of the day ! Flat tyer , points , oil change carby clean etc , our send off from katoomba , megs toasted ham cheese gold ! Heading down fwy to sydney rizzo broke down n after much contemplating n calls tim Tim Weir Jay Mack i was off in search off o battery ! N fuck me dead love up here but traffic sucks balls ! Rizzo fixed up we head in to town lane splitting at its finest , were lost then found , we made to throttleroll n greeted by mark hawa with hugs n beers ! So let the night roll on !

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