Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ruiner in NYC

Made it to NYC , we got in late with bikes red hot , after ending up in the bronx , I found my way to times square , the other boys didn't make it , so check out bike night at Hard rock cafe , n meet darren mckeag artist ,bobby of Indian larry , ken from cycle source mag , taking pics of my bike n helmet , he was keen to hear more on trip, finall caught up with rod n walker , had some beers till late , so late there was no point getting a hotel , so bikes were put on sidewalk , rod an walker got some shut eye . Earlyer in the night a HA rode past , a few hours later he was back , I approached him and introduced myself while the boys were sleeping , I spoke to Bonge about the trip and our sleeping arrangements , more concerning for him was bikes loaded with gear that could be stolen , he offered to get bikes to clubhouse , so woke up the boys and you really don't knock back an offer like this , so to Hells Angles NYC clubhouse , bikes were safe , got some sleep in a car outside , before we were offerd some beds to sleep in there , such a gentleman , and very thankfull , after chatting , he sees it as returning the help that he has received all over the world ! True ledgend is BONGE thanks again

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