Sunday, July 1, 2012

rebuilding Helrod

So....ive been too busy..unmotivated etc etc with the bug....but the rain today stopped me from heading into bobbers n choppers i thought i best actually start....first thing get her off the ground and wheels off....

as u can see in above pic she had massive spacers...i have the longer axles and tubes and type 3 drums all form Empi (thanx mate) ive fitted one side..but have not done this side yet...

It also have front thinking i get a new sure ive read u can get wider than stock ones?

i have to take the beam off so i can take the extension off also..that needs to be sand blasted and x rayed..and if it looks shit once blasted or doesnt pass ill need a new one made that will pass

The rear spring plates are coming off they are welded up..and that wont pass inspection or xray tests ill get someone to make new ones for me using these as a template...

so if you have any thoughts or advice along this rebuild please post em great and doing some things..but really cannot weld for shit, and dont have the means to fabricate......  who does widened beams? thinking ill drop engine and box out and get them looked over..who would be good to do that, its a modded 1600...anyone know anyone that could remake spring plates that will pass xray tests.....and maybe even the beam extension.,....?

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  1. G'day Ran, cool project, but I admit I know jack shit about BeetleRods. Been following The Ruiners for a couple of weeks but can't remember where I got the link. I'm also on Kustom Deluxe.

    I'm out west in Sunshine, got a TIG ticket and a garage full of equipment, so I'd be happy to have a yarn to find out what is needed on your Helrod. I guess it depends on what your Vicroads engineer wants to see but nothing is impossible.


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